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Terms And Condition

The terms and conditions of participating in this survey cover the following matters:

1. Role and responsibility of Stewart Brown

2. Role and responsibility of participating organisations/facilities

3. Data collection methods

4. Details of data to be collected

5. Reports to be produced and method of distribution

6. Privacy policy

7. Confidentiality of information

8. Copyright matters

9. Quality assurance

1. Role and Responsibility of Stewart Brown

As the provider of the Financial Performance Surveys service, Stewart Brown will:

(a) Provide all participants with data collection aids in an electronic format;

(b) Continue to develop the service to meet the needs of participants;

(c) Provide initial and ongoing training to participating organisations that require such training;

(d) Provide guidelines to all participants to ensure they are able to complete data collection forms;

(e) Provide a report on the survey results including a general analysis of results across all facilities and a report comparing industry results and the results of each participating facility within the participating organisation.;

(f) Provide reports in the format requested by participant (electronic or hard copy);

(g) Provide the survey on a quarterly basis;

(h) Have in place procedures to ensure, as much as possible, that the data provided by the participants is consistent with the guidelines given to participants;

(i) Distribute reports in accordance with the Survey Timetable;

(j) Ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided by participants.


2. Role and Responsibilities of Participants

Organisations participating in the Financial Performance Surveys will:

(a) Provide the data to Stewart Brown in the format set out in the Participant's Kit (as amended from time to time), and by the deadline as set out in the Survey Timetable provided to participants;

(b) Enter the data into the data collection forms using the definitions set out in the Participant's Kit;

(c) Advise Stewart Brown of any changes in details of a facility or community program that are likely to or have affected the results of the facility or community program in a significant manner. Examples of such matters might include changes to number of approved places, redevelopment work on the facility, sanctions being placed on the facility by the Government and decisions to change between providing services using in-house staff to providing those services using contractors;

(d) Respect and abide by the privacy and copyright standards set out in these Terms and Conditions in relation to all materials and reports provided to participants as part of the survey process;

(e) Respect the privacy and confidentiality of any information provided by another participant as a result of Stewart Brown Business Solutions facilitating contact between two or more participants.

3. Data Collection Methods

Stewart Brown will provide each participant with a Participant's Kit that will contain, among other things, the following:

(a) Line item definitions for each item included in the survey in the same format as the data collection forms;

(b) An electronic copy of the data collection forms, in the form of a series of Excel work-sheets.

We will work with participants to develop reports produced by their accounting system in the format required by the survey so as to minimise work involved in completing the data collection forms. We will accept electronic files containing the data in the correct format by way of e-mail.

4. Data to be Collected

The survey will collect financial data for the following operations on a quarterly basis:

  • Residential aged care facilities
  • Community care programs – CACP, EACH, EACHD
  • Employee hours by major category
  • Occupied bed days and utilised program day

Details of the individual line items for which data is collected and the definitions of each of these line items are included in the Participant's Kit. For residential aged care facilities the line items will be collected under the following major headings:

  • Operating Income
  • Care expenses
  • Catering expenses
  • Cleaning expenses
  • Laundry expenses
  • Property & maintenance expenses
  • Utilities
  • Administration expenses
  • Provider income
  • Provider expenses

Bed day statistics collected will include the occupied bed days based on the subsidy Payment Statements and the number of Available Beds. All data collected will be on a year-to-date basis unless otherwise stated.

5. Reports to be Produced and Method of Distribution

Each quarter participants will be issued with the following reports:

· A generic report based upon the overall results of the survey. This report will analyse the results, include summary tables of data and a number of graphics illustrating trends and highlights from the survey. This report is dynamic in style and content and we will always look to participants for suggestions for information to be included in the report.

· A report specific to each facility or community program that compares the results of that a benchmark and an average.

Individual benchmark reports will be delivered by the following method as directed by individual participants:

· Electronic copy by e-mail (in PDF and excel format) and / or by downloading from a secure website

6. Privacy Policy

Stewart Brown will be collecting financial data from organisations with the purpose of providing benchmarks and other summary reports to participants and industry bodies. We will not be collecting personal information, but rather corporate data and as such we are not bound by the National Privacy Principles or the Privacy Act 1998. We will however still be abiding by these National Privacy Principles with respect to the data and other information collected, as we are committed to ensuring the highest level of privacy over the information collected. In accordance with these principles:

(a) No report received by a participant will identify other participants by name. In general all comparative information will be in aggregate format, that is, it will be an average of a number of other participating organisations.

(b) Any information provided to third parties such as industry groups will only be in aggregate format and can only be used for the purpose of policy development or lobbying Government agencies.

(c) Only data and other information necessary to produce the survey will be collected from participants

(d) All information collected will be stored in a secure manner

(e) Where information is shared between participating organisations as a result of contact being facilitated by Stewart Brown, such sharing will be done on the understanding that the terms and conditions relating to Privacy and confidentiality are adhered to by the parties involved.

7. Confidentiality of Information

Stewart Brown and all participants will abide by the following with respect to confidentiality of information collected or produced as part of the survey:

(a) For training and marketing purposes, Stewart Brown has the right to publish data resulting from the survey as examples of the benchmarking process. However, such examples will not identify any of the participating organisations.

(b) All data and material provided by participants shall be kept confidential by Stewart Brown at all times.

(c) Any material provided to third parties such as industry groups under contract to any such group will not identify any individual participant.

(d) Any report or material provided to participants as part of the survey process will be kept confidential by the participant.

(e) Where Stewart Brown facilitates contact between participants to discuss the survey results, such discussions and any information shared between participants will be kept confidential by the participants.

8. Copyright Issues

The unauthorised copying of any material or report produced by Stewart Brown as part of the survey process is not permitted. Copying and distribution of such material will only be permitted after receiving the express written permission of Stewart Brown. The materials and reports deemed to be included in the survey process include, but are not limited to:

  • Registration Kit
  • Participant's Kit
  • Training material
  • Promotional material
  • Line item definitions
  • Quarterly or special reports
  • Data collection forms

Participants can copy the quarterly or special reports for internal distribution to management and Directors as long as the recipients are made aware of the privacy, confidentiality and copyright provisions of these terms and conditions and they agree to abide by them.

9. Quality Assurance

All parties to this survey process should be committed to the quality of information provided and the continuous improvement of the service. To this end:

(a) Stewart Brown will ensure that procedures are in place to safeguard the integrity of the information produced in the survey process.

(b) Stewart Brown will continue to provide means of receiving feedback from participants in the survey and will endeavour to act upon that feedback where considered practicable and useful to participants as a whole.

(c) Participants should endeavour at all times to safeguard the integrity of information provided by following the definitions for data entry set out in the Participant's Kit.

(d) Stewart Brown will continue to work with participants to develop the service through feedback and discussion.

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